EBJ Caucus Holds Meeting to Discuss PA Business Council’s PA Scorecard

Harrisburg – Pennsylvania’s competitive position has improved in recent years but work remains according to a new model developed by the Pennsylvania Business Council (PBC).  The new model was presented today to the Pennsylvania Economy, Business and Jobs Caucus (EBJ Caucus) at the capitol news conference.

The bi-partisan EBJ Caucus, co-chaired by Senator Bob Mensch (R-Berks, Bucks and Montgomery Counties) and Senator Lisa Boscola (D- Lehigh, Monroe, and Northampton Counties) underlined the importance of the model and accompanying analysis to supplement and inform the deliberations of their General Assembly colleagues.

“This is very valuable information,” said Mensch.  “The Pennsylvania Business Council briefed our Caucus several years ago and their data provided useful tools as we look for ways to create more jobs for Pennsylvanians.”  “The goal of the EBJ Caucus is to bring more good-paying, family-sustaining jobs to Pennsylvania, while keeping the jobs we already have.  This report outlines a blueprint and measureable goals for that work.”

Boscola said, ‘I appreciate their analysis of Pennsylvania’s economic development climate, and I view their model as a very accessible tool to study and analyze.  We as policymakers are faced with a number of pressing issues, and working with transparent and accurate research allows us to make the most appropriate decisions.  The members of the Pennsylvania Business Council have partnered together to sponsor research that can be shared and discussed in a civil dialogue.”

Pennsylvania Scorecard project chair and former PBC Council Board Chair John T. Tighe, III, Founder and CEO of TMG Health, explained, “This is a unique project.  Groups in other states do something like it, but never before have Pennsylvania policymakers, media, and the public been provided with a collection of objective and transparent data to form a picture of the state’s business climate.”

The Pennsylvania Scorecard performance measurement tool is web-based and available to everyone at www.pascorecard.com.  The website uses a database of 47 metrics to assess state competitiveness on the six factors of economic development; taxation; legal and regulatory climate; quality and sufficiency of infrastructure; availability/affordability of natural resources and energy; availability of well-educated and trained workforce; and quality of life.  The PBC plans to update the database annually.

Among the highlights from the PA Scorecard:  Pennsylvania is on a solid fiscal foundation compared to most states with very low state spending relative to gross state product (the sum of economic activity in the state, comparable to gross national product) and the Commonwealth compares very favorably to other states on many factors of education, graduation rates, and degree attainment.

Please direct any questions to:

Senator Mensch – Matt Azeles at 717-787-3110 or via email at: mazeles@pasen.gov.

Senator Boscola – Julie Carraghan at 717.787.4236 or via email at: jcarraghan@pasenate.com.